What Is an Influencer?

What is an Influencer – In this case the questions should probably be What Is a Social Media Influencer. Media Influencers are professional people who are sharing their life and experiences via their social media feed, to such an extent that large numbers of people have started following them and taking note. They are influencing opinion on a specific topic to the extent that people are copying them learning from them and generally contacting them for information. Everyone can become an influencer. The key metric is that your following is directly proportional to the amount of influence that you are being judged on. In short as oppose to someone telling you they are an expert on something they are judged on their knowledge by their numbers of interactions, followers and likes. The current Social Media platforms for which the term Media Influencer is generally linked with are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and as well as Pinterest and Snapchat. The Social Media landscape however is changing constantly. At The Media Influencer we put brands together with groups of Media Influencer to create influential campaigns. If you would like more information please contact our highly experienced team today