TMI Influencer Marketing Agency

The Media Influencer is part of the Media Circus Group of companies who have been buying and selling advertising space through their businesses in the UK and the USA for over 40 years. TMI was set up in 2017 because of a frustration at the lack of clarity in the Social Media Influencer Marketing space. The market generally seemed to be split into two sections. Celebrity endorsement (managed by agents), and Micro Influencer, generally managed by automated sites dealing with influencers, who mostly seemed to be Professional Social Media Operatives not Professionals with Influence.

As experienced Media Buyers TMI was set up to try and bridge the gap between professional credible influencers and media buying agencies, and their clients with real online budgets available to execute Social Media Influencer campaigns. Cutting out the “product placement for freebies” route and trying to bring a tangible value and return to the key Influencers and deliver manageable targeted, measured campaigns for the brands, advertisers and agencies.

How The Media Influencer Works

We deal directly with the influencers and group them by market or vertical audience. This means that the campaigns are spread over ten or more individual Media Influencers but each is in a similar category… Men’s Fashion, Cooking, Sport etc. The brand or advertiser gets the advantage that

We know all of the influencers and groups and they have agreed contracts to work as groups with TMI

They will fulfill the campaigns because they get paid properly and are professional people, no celebrity egos here

Smaller followings give better engagement, groups of smaller influencers gives a campaign not a product placement with one influencer

Our groups get paid a fair market rate for their influence and coverage of a specific topic or market

All our campaigns are tracked against Reach and Engagement, by our bespoke online software TMI Media Analytics