Influencer Marketing Groups

How Do Group Influencers Work?

It has been established that the engagement of the large influencer followings is generally a lot less than a smaller influencer following. In short when you are trying to partner with an Influencer big is not best. However, if a brand is going attain a sensible Reach for a campaign then big numbers are needed. The solution is top Group Influencers by an audience and vertical market. The Media Influencer are the first Social Media Agency to do this. We group influencers into groups of maybe 10 or 15 to attain a quantum of reach via following but retaining the engagement that is achieved from a micro influencer. These groups are established by us and we manage the content with the group to ensure that it is coordinated in terms of campaigns. In addition our TMI Campaign Analytics Software allows the client to see the reach interaction and engagement to monitor the campaign. Our groups are varied and cover most sectors, they are also growing by the day both in the UK USA and Australia. All of the groups have individual followings of at least 25,000 and in most cases in excess of 100,000, depending on the vertical market in question and the territory.