Social Media Influencers Children

Social Media Influencers Children

Children, as a Group are one of the fastest growing Social Media influencer sectors. Our groups are made up of children who have built solid substantial followings on Instagram linked with detailed reviews of product and games. They range in age from 8 to 15 and are split by age group for vertical targeting

Each child has a detailed contract with TMI which was put produced with input from their parent/s and agent (where applicable). We work to EC directive 94/33/EC – young workers standards in terms of working practice and the amount of posting is monitored by us and the children’s parents

As a group children’s opinions are obviously hugely influencial. Children don’t lie about products, services or brands. If they take on a campaign it is because they truely respect and like the brand. Which makes them the purist Influencers of all. Typical products would be toys games both physical and console / online games. Clothes and holidays.

The TMI team are experienced in co ordinating all aspects of social media campaigns with our groups. Normally as Instagram campaigns but YouTube Snap Chat and sometimes Facebook are also options. All of the campaigns are analysed against the campaign criteria which is generally Reach or Engagement  The Children vertical Groups always achieve fantastic engagement as their followers are usually made up of their direct peer group who are very active on Social Media.


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Social Media Influencers Children